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Submitted on
April 21, 2013


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 You greatly remember your horrible past as you were in the quiet carriage.

"Daddy, where did Mommy go?" You asked, scared and worried for your Mom's sake. "Don't worry about that, sweetie. Daddy's got'cha," Daddy replied. Daddy cradled you against his chest and running for his and your life. It was rainy and the sky was a dark gray with purple lighting flashing back and forth. Tears were running down your face. You were only five years old.
Then, a loud bang from a gun was fired. You gripped Daddy's shirt with all the strength in your fist. You didn't do anything but cry much more. It was horrifying.
Your mom was back, way behind you two, fighting to make sure that you two were gonna be safe.
Your mom...died from being shot in a lung. Daddy lost his energy and fell over with you still wrapped in his arms. "Daddy?" You asked, crying so hard, all you saw was blur. Purple lighting was only a couple feet away from you.
You sat there, just starring at Daddy. You heard some quiet footsteps when a crash of thunder rolled in and made you jump.
You heard the clang of metal hitting the ground with hard rubber. The gunman pointed his gun at you. You were terrified. "Am-am-am...I gonna die...?" You thought with your eyes full of tears. The man had his finger on the trigger, pointing at you. He shot...but missed. Daddy came to your rescue and blocked the bullet from hitting you. Daddy died from being shot in a heart artery.

You were a cold person, but can be sweet at times. Reading books kept you amused and listening to violin melodies, or piano songs, kept you happy. You had an Aunt that stayed by you. She kept you happy, too. She was also your maid. She knew everything about you, and kept everything private to herself, or if you say to not speak of it, she'll do as asked.

"Young Mistress, ____, we're here." Aunt Rose said, politely. You called her only by her first name. "What are we doing here, Rose? This isn't the place. I thought we were going home." You said impatiently. "Didn't you want to meet Young Master Ciel?" Rose asked. "Who?" You asked back. "Well, you'll meet him soon. He's a nice boy." Rose said, smiling. You didn't respond. You just looked the other way.

When you and Rose exited the carriage, you saw a couple of random people at the front door. You saw a strawberry-blonde haired boy with turquoise eyes, a black haired man with red eyes, a red-headed lady with her glasses covering her eyes, and a blonde man with teal eyes.

"Hmm." You moaned to yourself. "What is it, Young Mistress ____?" Rose asked. "Nothing..." You answered.

You and Rose walked over to the door. All the people came closer to greet you. The tall, black haired man with red eyes introduced himself first. He placed his hand on his chest.
"Welcome to the Phantomhive Manor, Milady. I'm Sebastian Michaelis, Master Ciel's butler." He finished and bowed with his hands at his side.
He then stepped back for the maid to take her turn. "I'm Mey-Rin, the maid of the mansion." She lifted her dress with twined, pinching fingers and bowed to you.
The blonde boy took the next turn, blushing. He admired your appearance. You do have a very feminine, attractive face and body. "I'm Finny, the gardener of this household. You can call me Finnian, if you'd like." He bowed to you. Then, the blonde man came in front of you. He bowed and took your hand. You blushed a bit. You were interested in gentlemen. He finally kissed your hand and introduced himself. "I'm Baldroy. I cook all the meals for the Phantomhive Manor." He stepped back and bowed again.

All the people made a way for you and Rose to enter the mansion. You saw a young male when you first entered. He was about the same age as you. He had dark, navy blue hair, and a royal blue eye. His other eye was covered by an eye patch. He walked over to you. "I'm Earl, Ciel Phantomhive. I'm also known as Young Master Ciel." He bowed politely to you. You thought he was kind of…cute?
You took a tiny breath. "I'm Young Mistress _____. It's a pleasure to meet you, Young Master." You lifted your dress with pinched fingers and bowed.
"Welcome to the Manor. It's nice to have you here. You may take a tour of the mansion, if you'd like." Ciel added. "Thank you." You said to Ciel.


Sorry for it being a little too short. But I wanted to try to make a Black Butler xreader/you entry. I feel good for making this. This time, I didn't give you a name, but I did make your appearence. I will make a drawing of what you look like soon. :)

Chapter 1 - You're here.
Chapter 2 -…

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