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October 20, 2013
Mature Content


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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
WARNING!: The following deviation contains some sexual themes, also known as "smut" or "lemon." If you do not like these themes, please leave. Danke. (Thanks.)

You and Masky were sitting on the couch, bored. There was nothing to do- “CHEESECAKE!” Masky exclaimed out of nowhere. You looked up to him, confused. “Uhh…” you mumbled. “I’m hungry…and I want cheesecake!” He walks off into the kitchen, and then looks into the fridge. “DAMMIT!” He exclaims. “What is it now?” You asked, fondling with your phone.

He walks back into the living room, “No cheesecake!” he pouts. You sighed and started to brainstorm. “What if we make it?” you asked. His mood brightened, “Hell yeah! Homemade cheesecake…He-he…” Masky sound as if he was going to devour it in a second. “Uh…yeah…let’s get started on making the cheesecake…” you mumbled then walked into the kitchen.

You looked through the cupboards to look for the ingredients to make the cheesecake and put them all together. “Now…we have to mix this…” you said and started to mix the ingredients for the crust part of the cheesecake. Now, you got started on the best part of the cheesecake; the sweet cheesy-flavored part of the cake.

You grabbed all of the ingredients and started to mix them in the bowl, only letting Masky watch you making the cheesecake. He was almost to the point to where his mouth was a waterfall. “Masky, you’re a little drippy…” you say and point the whisk to his mouth, where you could see silver liquid falling down his chin. “Oh, ew…” Masky wiped the drool away from his mouth.

You giggled and got back to working on the cake. You finally poured the rest of the cake into the pan, overtop of the crust of the cake, and then slide it inside of the oven. Masky couldn’t help but go over to the oven and watch it slowly be cooked. “Someone loves his cheesecake.” You say and lean over the counter. “Yup…” he says without taking a glance away from the oven.

Finally, the oven rang letting you and Masky know that the cake is ready to be served.

“Masky, you have to wait!” You said, trying to push out of the way. “No way! It’s mine!!” He wailed, trying to push you out of the way. You only stood there, taking the pressure of his ‘strength.’ “And I though you were stronger than this…” you say and reach for the golden cheesecake out of the oven.

Masky ran over to where you were about to place the cake, but the cake disappeared.

You looked at your hand to see nothing. “What did you do to the cake?!” You asked. “…Nothing.” Masky answered, and then burped. You gave him a scolding glare. “What. Did. You. Do. To. That. CAKE?!” you asked, crossing your arms. Masky starts to back away slowly, then finally runs.

“GET BACK HERE, YOU PIG!” You exclaimed and chased after him.

“NO! YOU’RE GONNA HURT MEH!” He wailed again and continued to run.

You continued to chase after him, and then he slipped on a rug in the hall. You smiled evilly and tackled him once he fell to the ground.

You pinned his shoulder to the floor and held him in place. “Damn, chick…What the hell?!” Masky asked while struggling to get back up. “You’re the one who fails…” you mumble and watch him struggle more. Masky stopped squirming and relaxed. You raised an eyebrow.

“…I think I like this position…” Masky said. You could just feel the smug aura coming from Masky. “Why—“ you looked around to see that you were laying atop of Masky, your chest practically in his face.

“HOOOLAY SHIT!” you jumped off of Masky and stood along the wall. “You’re a freaking pervert, you know…” You say, with your face flushed. “Yeah…but I know something better than cheesecake…” Masky said, and then grabbed your wrist. You yelped once he started to drag you to and unknown destination.

Finally arriving into the destination, you noticed it was Masky’s room. “What the hail?!” you asked, trying to wiggle your wrist from his grasp. His grip around your wrist only tightened, and then he tossed on his bed.

You landed on the bed violently from Masky’s strength. ‘Damn…’ you though to yourself. “Just relax…” Masky slid his mask up to reveal a sexy smirk. His smirk made you blush madly. Then, Masky placed a hand behind your head and made you look straight at him. Your face felt like it was on fire. Then, Masky placed a gentle kiss against your lips.

Your eyes darted wide open.

Your (e/c) eyes slowly start to close as the kiss became softer. You suddenly felt Masky’s tongue drag along your bottom lip, asking for permission to enter. You parted your lips away and allowed Masky’s tongue to enter your wet cavern.

His tongue touched every part of the inside of your mouth. His tongue wrestled with yours, gaining his dominance quickly. After winning his dominance, he went straight to your neck.

You felt him start to nibble upon the sensitive skin of your neck. You let out a silent moan of pleasure from the great feeling of Masky’s lips against the soft flesh he was abusing. Masky reached to a special spot that was the most sensitive of the skin on your neck. He noticed the reaction you gave, so he abused to spot. He sucked, licked, and nipped at that spot that ached for his touch.

His mouth finally released your neck, leaving many marks to show to many that you were his. He looked at your face to see that your cheeks are flushed brightly.

Masky then removed his clothing and yours as well. He pins you to the bed beneath the both of you and smirks down at then, but then frowns. “You want this, right? We don’t have to if you don’t want to…” he said, trialing slightly. You nod and close your eyes tightly to take in the pain that is coming to you very soon.

Masky then slipped himself inside of your womanhood. Unbearable coursed through your entire body. Your eyes filled with tears as your tight walls around Masky were tearing apart slowly. “Just breathe, (y/n)…” Masky kisses your collar bone softly, waiting for the pain to ware off.

Finally, the pain numbed completely and you signaled Masky to continue. He slowly thrusts inside of you just to make sure that there wasn’t any sign of pain left. Once this got a little old, Masky noticed the bored expression upon your face then rammed inside of you. This made you shriek his name.

His thrusts inside of you quickly make your hips go into the rotational manner. His thrusts started to pick up and become sharper and fiercer. A little ‘knot’ in the pit of your stomach forms and makes your stomach ache a tiny bit.

Knowing what that meant, you signaled Masky to pick up his pace. With one last smirk, he rams inside of you again sharply. Screaming out his name, the climax approached you both and he escaped out of you.

You both were sweaty and out of breath, panting in order to regain the breath you both once had. You both missed the warm feeling of each other, but now it was gone for now.

Then, the sound of a door unlocking was heard from the both of you. Hoody came into the room, but didn’t see what you two…had done. “Hey, Masky, can I borr—“ he then saw you and Masky.

“What the hell did you two do?!” he asked, covering his eyes.

“Each other…” you both answered in unison.

“What?!” he asked.

“Nothing…” you both snickered.
2/2 Commissions for :icontoxic-talon:

I'm sorry this one took longer than I wanted it to! ;A; :iconbrokenheartplz:
You know...friends taking up my work time. >->//bricked

I THINK I got better at doing lemons now...but, I might do lemons for another long while. :XD:

Also, sorry I don't have a picture for this one...there are good pictures of sexy Masky. :/

Anyways, hope you like!

(c) Copyright: I do not own anything within this story, just the plot.


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CweepyCwaft101 Apr 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Mary:AHHH.*Passes out*
Masky:Wh-what h-happened t-t-to her?
Masky:Oh.*becomes perverted*Ill have my fun with her when she is awake.*Smirks*
The Monkey With the Nosebleed 

Me and Masky: Each other.

XD eachother....... but what happened to the cheesecake? DUH DUG DUUUUHHHH
LinkDrowned Mar 15, 2014  New member Student Writer
Best. Comment. Ever
LinkDrowned Mar 20, 2014  New member Student Writer
Dah cheesecake..... it was so young....
LinkDrowned Mar 21, 2014  New member Student Writer
*puts facd in hands and starts to cry* IT WAS SO YOUNG!!!!
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