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August 18, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

WARNING: This deviation contains sexual acts, also known as “lemon” or “smut”. If you do not like lemon or smut, please leave.

Tonight was going to be a good night; you were going to go to a violin concert with your friend, Kaito! Unfortunately, he was in the concert, so you couldn’t sit with him to listen to the beautiful music. But, the good news is…that you’ll get to here him play a solo!


You were backstage with Kaito, waiting and helping him get ready before he went on stage. You wished him the best of luck, even though he wasn’t nervous in the slight. He tightened his tie and grabbed his fiddle before he walked out on stage. You scrambled through the crowd and tried to find yourself a seat. You found a perfect spot on the 7th row and ran to it.

The intro came on as you finally sat down. You listened to the glorious fiddles play and one certain violin become louder: Kaito’s. He walked up closer to the edge of the stage to get into view; the light shining on his dark blue hair made him stand out than the others. You watched in awe as you watched him play the violin; the melody was perfect and soothing, it was like every nerve of stress was immediately taken out of your body.

Kaito’s solo part had just finished; you had to admit it was kind of disappointing to not be able to hear his tune anymore, but you listened to the rest of the other violinists’ music.


You got back up from your seat and rushed through the crowd to find Kaito backstage. You stumbled up on the tiny staircase and rushed over to Kaito. You hugged him with all of your might. “That was amazing, Kaito! I should’ve known you could do more than sing and eat ice cream all day!” You teased and let go of him to look into his deep, blue eyes.

“Thanks, (f/n).” He said calmly and hugged you again and he rubbed the back of your head softly. The coldness of his hands gave your skin goose bumps. You blushed a bit. “You do not need to thank me, Kaito. You’re one of the most talented people I have ever heard of…I’d love to see more of your work.” You said and hugged his shoulders.

He gently cupped the back of your neck into his palm and he placed his forehead against yours. “But, what if there’s more of you I’d like to see?” He asked and smirked. Your eyes widened and your cheeks burned with a blush. “W-What does y-you mean by that…?” You asked shyly and looked at him with your (e/c) orbs.

“Why don’t I show you?” He asked seductively and took your hand. He led you to a private part of the building. He brought you to his dressing room. He locked the door and turned his attention to you.

His smirk became wider as he walked closer to you. You backed away until your back was against a wall. Your face was nothing but a crimson sheet of blush. Kaito placed both of his arms at your side; blocking your path to escape. You grabbed his wrist. “K-Kaito…what are you…” You trailed off as his face got closer to yours. His right hand cupped your left cheek and he massaged the skin with his thumb. “Don’t worry…We’ll have fun…” He chuckled and kissed your lips.

You were filled with shock, but you melted into the kiss. Your senses kicked in and you kissed him back. He started to suck and nibble at you bottom lip. Without thinking, you parted your lips to allow him to enter inside of your mouth. His tongue slips into your mouth and he wrestles with yours. You moan in pleasure as he played with your tongue.

He wrapped his arms around your and broke away from the kiss. He went lower and played with your neck. You wrapped an arm around his neck and brought him closer to play with the skin of your neck. He nibbled and sucked at the tender skin; causing you to get chills and twitch. He reached a certain spot that made you squirm under his touch. He smirked over the spot. He attacked the spot by, nibbling, sucking, kiss, and licking. You moaned in pleasure and tangled your hand in his hair.

His lips lowered into your cleavage and cupped your clothed breasts. He massaged the soft flesh and licked in the valley of your breasts. He continued to massage your breasts passionately. He became bored and unzipped the back of your (f/c) dress.

He helped you remove your dress and unclasped your bra. He went back to your breasts and passionately massaged them. His touch caused to give you chills and a wave of lust run into you. You started to get wetter down south. He took his hands away and removed his own clothes.

His muscular built make you blush terribly. He noticed you gazing at his build and smirked. He gave you fiery kiss grabbed your hips. His thumbs massaged your hips in a circular motion and that made you twitch and squirm.

Your lustful desire took control of you. You hooked your finger in the belt of his pants. You gave him an adorable pout. “Aw!” Kaito snickered. You blushed and dug your finger more into his pants. He slid his pants down to reveal his briefs. You noticed the large bulge in his underwear and blushed.

Kaito picked you up against the wall and positioned himself. “You ready?” He asked. “Yes,” you responded and embraced yourself for your core to be torn apart. He entered inside of your quickly and grunted.

The most unbearable pain washed over you in your most sensitive area. You dug your nails into Kaito’s back. Kaito softly kissed your collar bone and rubbed your back, giving you more chills. The pain was starting to numb slightly. Kaito’s lips and hand calmed you down and distracted you from the pain.

The pain was completely gone now and you have been calmed down. “G-Go…” You said to Kaito and felt him move slightly inside of your core. He slid in and out of you gently. This became a little un-pleasurable as your desire became stronger. “K-Kaito…f-faster please…” You begged and gripped his shoulders. He smirked and pounded into your core. You shriek his name as that thrust gave you much pleasure.

He rammed in and out of your core, giving you much pleasure. A knot formed in the pit of your stomach. Kaito picked up his pace and hit that special spot. “A-Ah~ K-Kaito…more…” You begged and felt him hit that spot repeatedly hard. The knot became tighter as you felt Kaito go in deeper of your core. You and Kaito were reaching your climax.

He thrusts harder, pounding against your g-spot. You scream out his name and felt him hive out one last thrust. He escapes your core. You both panted as you picked you up bridal style and snuggled you. “(f/n)…that song I did the solo in…that song was for you…” Kaito said while gazing into your beautiful, (e/c) orbs. You gasped and blushed. “R-Really…?” You asked. “Yes…” Kaito said and kissed your forehead.
Enjoy, mah pervs~!
It took forever to do this... :iconorzplz:
Welp, here's the Kaito X Reader Lemon. And...well I hope you like it! c:>

I forgot who requested this... -_-

You/Your vital regions - :iconsexykaitoplz:
I don't own Vocaloid, you, or Kaito.
I don't own the picture.
I DO own the story/story board.


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MizMikuHatsune Apr 4, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
My regions have been plumished by Kaito. Not mad though...
ckiser Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no he is seizing vital regions like prussia xD
My vitals have been seized...... 030 Papa Spain isn't gonna be happy.....
Miranda759 Mar 13, 2014  Professional General Artist
This is the reason I love deviantart #-(0-0#-) u deserve a waffle
MitzukoTakanori Mar 3, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Good thing my parents don't know english :P 
hikarulover4242564 Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My brother hit me in the back of my head and told me dad
O me God So good. O////////O
AloisX Jan 21, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
That moment when your dad asked what you reading 😳
Ultimate-Volt Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Kyouko Toshinou (Sparkle Nose Bleed) [V1] :KAITO GIF: here I am, 2 in the morning, jumping at every little noise thinkin my parents are gunna come in my room and be like "*gasp!* it's 2 am and you're on your iPad!? *takes ipad* you can have this when you earn it back... and I wanna see what's on it :3 *leaves room*"
me: "... I didn't delete my history... damn it..." but hey! wth, right? YOLO 

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