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October 15, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

WARNING!: The following deviation contains some sexual themes, also known as "smut" or "lemon." If you do not like these themes, please leave. Danke. (Thanks.)

You were bored out of your mind right now. There was absolutely nothing to do. Why? You had finished everything that needed to get done, and you don’t usually have other stuff to do.

Suddenly…Eyeless Jack walked into the room out of nowhere. He-he…this is gonna be fun. You loved messing around with him; his reactions were priceless! You grabbed Eyeless Jack.

Eyeless Jack lost his balance and fell backwards, and then you started to drag him across the floor. “Oh, where we going?” he asked. You didn’t answer and dragged him upstairs and bringing him into one the bedrooms inside the house.

You grabbed some water-balloons that you had packed up from earlier. “I’m a little bored, so we’re going to mess around a little bit!” You exclaimed and grabbed a sling-shot. You held it tightly in your not-dominant hand and placed the water-balloon onto the sling-shot, and launched the water-balloon, hitting Slender Man in the back of the head.

“Oh, shit! Duck!” you exclaimed and hid behind the window. “Goose!” Eyeless Jack exclaimed. You gave a face palm. “No, idiot… Hide before Slender finds you…” you said. “Oops…” he said and sat next to you.

Slender Man looked from where the water-balloon came from to see if anyone was still there. The only thing he saw was an open window. “If it’s Jeff again, I swear…” Slender Man groaned. Once he turned around, you looked outside the window, seeing you were safe. You launched another water-balloon, hitting Slender Man in the back of the head again. You covered your mouth to keep from laughing and hid under the window again.

Slender Man was filled with rage, then all of the sudden…Slender Man was in the same room as you and Eyeless Jack. You both squealed in fright and clung to each other. “What were you two doing?!” Slender Man asked, his tentacles coming from his back. “Well…I was bored…” you confessed and let go of Jack. “Do you two need to go into your corner?!” Slender Man asked. If Slender Man had a face, you got in it. “Yes, I do!” you smirked evilly. Slender Man sighed and picked you and Eyeless Jack up my the ankle and dragged you to another room, plopping you and Jack onto a soft bed.

“You two, keep out of trouble…” Slender Man warned, locked the door, and went back outside to Masky and Hoody.

“Welp, there goes my awesome moment I got to mess with Slender Man…” you sighed and plopped backwards onto the bed. “Well…we can always get him back, you know…” Jack sounded like his voice was a bit raspy. You gave a diagonal frown, “Yeah, but it might take a while if I want to get back at him for trapping us in here…” you pout and sit up, resting your head on your hands.

Jack scooted closer to you, “We could always make up the time to wait…” Jack said, his mask hiding whatever expression he was holding. You raised a brow, “Like…?” you asked. “Truth or dare, maybe?” Jack asked. “Sounds fun.” You cheer and face Jack, with a small smile on your face.

“I’ll go first. Truth or dare?” you asked. “Truth…” Jack answered. “How much do you care?” you asked. “About what?” Jack asked. “…Me…” you looked away, your cheek flushed. Eyeless Jack felt his cheeks all of the sudden burn into fire. Jack scooted closer. “Uh…well…Maybe…A lot…” Jack confessed and pulled his hoodie over his mask. “Now, I dare you to prove it.” You declared. “What?!” Jack asked, shocked.

You got into his face. You removed his hood from his head and lifted his blue mask off his face slightly, only to show you his mouth. His mouth was in a curvy shape, showing that he was blushing or embarrassed. “I said to prove that you care about me a lot.” You said and kept your face close to his.

His lips turned into a frown, but it seemed like he was smiling on the inside. He grabbed your hips and brought you closer to him. Your cheeks burned crimson. You looked at his mouth to see if anything of his face had changed, only his lips; which turned into a smirk. Your eyes darted open once you saw his smirk.

“You said to prove it, so I’m going to prove it…” Jack’s smirk widened. Then, he placed his lips to yours. Your cheeks burned even darker. You closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around his neck. You felt his lips kiss harder on your lips, telling you he wants more than just a kiss. Then, you felt a slimy tongue lick your bottom lips. You squeal once you felt it. You slowly opened your mouth to let him slip his tongue inside of yours to let him explore inside. His tongue wrestled with your for dominance, and he was gaining it quickly. You both quickly pulled away in order to breathe, although it was disappointing to leave the sweet feeling of his lips against yours.

Your face was once blank of no red, now; it was completely scarlet. Then, you suddenly felt Jack’s tongue slide against the soft skin on your neck. You felt him fondle with your neck, making you blush even more. You allowed a moan to escape your lips. He fondled with your neck until he found that special, soft spot. Jack noticed your reaction, and bit down a bit. Your throat escaped a gasp once you felt his sharp teeth tingle with your skin.

Jack then removed his upper-body clothing, revealing his grey-ish skin. His body had a handsome built to it. Your face burned a brighter red than last time. You looked up to see Jack smirking once again. Then, he removed your bottoms. Jack fondled with your neck once again.

Pleasure filled your every cell and numbed any kind of stress that your body was captive of. Then, without your notice, Jack slid your panties off of you and brought you closer. He gave you another fiery kiss and slid himself inside of you.

The most unbearable pain formed inside of your core and made tears escape your eyes. You dug your nails into his shoulder blades and hissed in pain as the tears slid down your cheeks. Jack licked the tears away and kissed your shoulder; giving you chills and relaxing the pain. The pain of stretching flesh numbed and Jack slowly thrusts inside of you. The pain was completely numbed now and all you could feel was pleasure.

The pleasure started to feel as if it were too slow, “Jack…please go faster…” You begged and started to feel the thrust become fiercer. Jack’s hands gripped onto your bucked hips. Your juice started to make you wetter and more slippery inside; it made Jack’s speed pick up quite a bit.

You wrapped your arms around his neck tightly and beg for more from him. He slips deep into your core and the knot forms inside of you. You both were coming close to your climax. He pounds into your core over and over, making you shriek his name loudly, not caring if anyone else heard you two. That knot got tighter with each thrust he pounds inside of you. You scream his name one last time before he hits your core hard and escapes out of you swiftly.

You were both a panting mess and drippy with sweat. “I hope that was enough proof…” Jack mumbled as her wrapped his strong arms around you and pulling you into a hug. “It was…Jack…” you mumbled, still out of breath. “I’m glad…” Jack pecked you on the cheek.
Commission 1/2 for :icontoxic-talon:

Oh, gosh...I haven't written a lemon in a while...Hope I didn't get rusty... Wait, what?! o_o //shot I just remembered... I was requested to do an Eyeless Jack lemon for someone during the free lemon requests...Done now! XDD

Hope you like, perv. ewe ;3

You/Your vital regions - :iconeyelessjackplz:
I don't own anything, just the story.


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